HSC Dredging Company operates the largest and most powerful cutter suction dredge in Cambodia. The dredging operation is supported by three tug boats , an anchor vessel and other supply craft, additional dredges are anticipated to expand the current fleet in the near future..

Our 100+ man team is operating twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The US manufactured 223’ x 43’ vessel hydraulically conveys the sand-water mix to the destination site at the transfer rate up to 1,500 cubic meter per hour. The reach of the 24’’ dredge enables material to be recovered from a maximum depth of 15 meters. The jobsite has self-sufficient housing, its own generators and maintenance facilities ,crew accommodations and gal eyes, enabling the round-the clock operation .

HSC is pleased to offer our clients the fastest, most cost effective and efficient sand mining service available, providing material for land reclamation, Shore protection and levee construction, or other capital dredging projects. Whatever the job, HSC is up to the task. We have enough Shore pipe in stock for almost any job!

Dredge and Auxiliary Equipment 

3600 hp booster pump

3600 HP Booster Pump


2000 KW Main Generator

1000 HP Under Water Pump

1000 HP Under Water Pump

600 HP Cutter

600 HP Cutter