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City Security System
Cambodia Border Control
Cambodia Passport
Cambodia ePassport

Our fields

HSC is one of the leading companies in Cambodia providing such as  City Security System, Cambodia Border Control, Cambodia ePassport, Cambodia ID Card  to the Ministry of Interior Cambodia.


HSC Technology

City Security System

HSC had developed its area on City security system. 

In fact, with the advancement of technology in crime detection and monitoring, the need for CCTV applications has become undeniable. 

HSC was introduced to Phnom Penh CCTV, a tool for tracking crimes and monitoring movement in public places and private companies.

Cambodia Border Control

HSC provided a wide range of hardware modules for the Border Control System & Smart Border Control System to 24 border checkpoints around Cambodia.

It is an open system that is used for different passports and document readers, and many other components such as automatic gates.


HSC provides and issues Cambodia Passport to all Cambodians.

Our passport is following the ICAO Standard, which is currently used by Canada, the USA, Australia, France, and other European countries, highlighting such a process’s reliability. 

Expanding this technology around Cambodia is the insurance of effectiveness and security, showing its development through contemporary technological issues used by developed countries. 

Cambodia ID CARD

HSC also provides the system of issuing Khmer Identity Card to the Ministry of Interior Cambodia.

Currently, ten million out of 16 million Cambodians have their ID Cards through our system.