HSC Technology

p1         HSC Technology is one of leading local companies which provide eID and ePassport solution to the ministry of interior of Cambodia.

Our men for this project are working closely with the operators in the production center and with all the operators around the country 24 provinces who are taking care the enrollment stations and province servers in order to make sure the software and system up and running smoothly.

09        The other project which HSC just got the process is E-Passport that following ICAO Standard. Some other countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, and other Europe countries also use E-passport as well as some other African countries.

        We bring the newest technology and security for E-passport. There are many feature securities as follow:

  • Rainbow printing
  • Special security line art design
  • Printing in Photo Area
  • Multicolor Positive Guilloche
  • Positive and Negative Micro text
  • Relief with line width modulation
  • UV light visible (daylight invisible) ink rainbow printing
  • OVI® – optical variable ink
  • Transparent hologram (diameter 20 mm)
  • MLI
  • Relief gravure (embossing)

Our main target is to provide and help Cambodia with the latest technology and security.



Phnom Penh City CCTV Project: With the advancement of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring, the need for CCTV applications has become undeniable, which is why we are introducing the Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) as a tool in tracking crimes and monitoring movement in public places and private companies. HSC deployed 600 pcs cameras security in Phnom Penh City.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-11 at 11.15.57 AM

Cambodia Border Control Project: HSC provided a wide range of hardware modules for the Smart Border Control to 24 border check points. It is an open system that can be used wit various passport and document readers as well as many other components such as automatic gates (eGates).

eGate installed at Phom Penh Airport